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Family Fun Day
Schedule for the Day
Sign up at 10, starts at 11:00
 Adult and Junior Horseshoe  
$15 entry fee ~ Cash Prize

Silent Auction begins at 9 am 
New and lightly used Auction items are needed!
Drop off at Piute Mountain School by May 24th
 or call 661-867-0709 (Mike) for pick up
                                                                                          Snack Bar opens from 9 am to 4 pm

Carnival Games Open 11-3
$3 wristbands
Tin Can Shoot~Flick-a-chick~Ring Toss~Feed the Pig
Dime Toss ~Bring your dimes!
Teacher Pie in the Face $1 (3-4 pm)

Baking Contest
11:00-12:30 Entries received for Baking Contest
Junior and Senior Division
Refrigeration is available
Students of the Caliente Union School District have an opportunity to raise money for their Student Field Trip Fund! 50% of the proceeds generated in the bake sale by their individual item will be credited to their student account.
For more information about student accounts, please see the student information page

1:00 Baking Contest Judging begins

3:00 Silent Auction closes
Auction items must be picked up at time of payment

5:00 Steve’s BBQ Dinner
Adults $15~kids(4-12) $6

Baking Contest winners announced and entries auctioned during dinner

June 1, 2019 
9 am to 7 pm​
Join us for the 2019 Family Fun Day! New Games have been added to insure a fun filled day for you and your family!
All proceeds benefit the Students of the 
Caliente Union School District

Ed Oakley Hall
 15840 Caliente Creek Road, Caliente, CA

Horseshoe Tournament