Caliente Educational Foundation

CEF Scholarships are available to all graduates of the Caliente Union School District. We are very proud of our Alumni and are happy to aid in furthering their education.

Scholarship Guidelines​
These scholarships are intended to recognize students having graduated eighth grade at either Caliente or Piute Mountain School. To be eligible for consideration, the student must plan on attending (or already attending for College Scholarship) a College, University or approved Trade School. The scholarships will provide student(s) with a total of $3,000, which will be distributed amongst the qualified applicants. $1,500 is allocated to the memorial scholarships listed below.

To apply for these scholarships, a student must complete the application and submit it for review to the CEF Scholarship Committee at the above address. Please follow the application instructions stated below carefully. If any part of the application is not complete, it will be rejected.
One Application and accompanying documents may now be submitted to apply for all scholarships
Typed applications are preferred but if an applicant is unable to compose a typed application, a hand-written application is acceptable and will be reviewed equally by the Scholarship Committee

Mail applications and required documents to:
CEF Scholarship Committee
12400 Caliente Creek Road 
Caliente, CA 93518

The application must be accompanied by:
~THREE LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION (one from one of your teachers. One from a community member, and one from a past/present employer or a school administrator)
~SENIOR PHOTOGRAPH (or current photograph)

Applicants may undergo interviews at each level of competition. The decision will be made by the CEF Scholarship Committee.
 Recipients will receive notice by May 25th. Recipients are encouraged to attend the Piute Mountain School Graduation ceremony where scholarship recipients will be recognized.
After receiving a scholarship CEF requires a proof of enrollment from your respective school in order to release the funds. Please send your proof of enrollment to the address listed above.
Three memorial scholarships are awarded in addition to General CEF Scholarships.
These individuals hold a special place in the hearts of Caliente community members and we feel honored to have the privilege of recognizing the impact they made on our community.

Adam Zanutto Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Adam Zanutto was a resident of Walker Basin and a Piute Mountain School graduate. Adam served in the United States Marine Corps and lost his life for our country in Iraq on March 6, 2006. Special consideration for this scholarship is given, but not limited, to alumni inlisted in the United States Armed Forces. 

Christine Beard Memorial Scholarship ($500)
Christine Beard was a long-time educator with the Caliente Union School District who strived to give students an exemplary education. Special consideration for this scholarship is given, but not limited, to alumni intending to follow a career in Childhood education. 

Kenneth M. McElroy Memorial Athletic Scholarship ($500)
Kenneth M. McElroy was a resident of Twin Oaks, a bus driver, and football coach for the Caliente Union School District. Mr. McElroy loved to coach and play sports. He was very athletic throughout his high school days at Bakersfield High School. Special consideration for this scholarship is given, but not limited, to alumni with special interest and/or history in athletics.
Scholarship Applications must be postmarked between February 1st and April 24th of each year.
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