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A lot of planning for CEF members! We are in full swing to plan the 2016 Family Fun Day (May 14th, 2016) and are preparing for Caliente L4 Memorial Ranch Rodeo which will be held on September 3rd-4th, 2016 at the Burrell Reed Memorial Arena (formerly known as Snow's Arena). To learn more about these events, visit the Family Fun Day or Ranch Rodeo pages!

We are always looking for new members and volunteers! To find out when our next meeting is, just click the Contact Us tab and we'll shoot an email back!

There is always work to be done at the arena. After 30 years there are many reconstruction projects to accomplish. Last year we started working on updating our corral fences to make the system safer for the cowboys and cattle. We continue to make repairs to the corrals as supplies and labor are available. A new Announcer's Booth was built but is still in need of a few finishing touches such as windows, benches for the announcer and judges and perhaps...a door. Over the years, the building that serves as our spirit bar has fallen into disrepair. It is our hope to reconstruct a new building this summer. 

We welcome and greatly appreciate donated supplies and couldn't do this with out our volunteers. If you have supplies you would like to donate or are interested in helping with projects. Please let us know. Click the Contact Us button and we will email you about our next work day.

Donations made to the 
Caliente Union School District 
By Caliente Educational Foundation in 2014/2015 Fiscal Year

Reading Programs $2,587.00
Math Program $525.oo
Updating Library Books $2,285.00
Classroom Supplies $1570.12
Yearbook/Graduation Support $100.00
Field Trip Funding $2,626.20
Scholarships given to Caliente Alumni $3,000.00

Total of All Dontations for 2014/2015: $12,693.32!!!!
Thank you for your continued support. These contributions would not be possible without you.