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The Caliente Educational Foundation is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation whose primary purpose is "to assist in the achievement and maintenance of a superior public education system within the Caliente Union School District by receiving contributions from the public and making contributions to the Caliente Union School District and by developing, conducting, and financing programs and projects designed to benefit the children enrolled in it's schools." Whew! This is the purpose as stated in our by-laws. 
The Caliente Educational Foundation was officially established in August of 1983. 

Over the years CEF has funded numerous needs of the district. Money raised by CEF has been used to purchase much needed equipment and supplies that the Caliente Union School District would not otherwise be able to afford, especially in this time of severe cuts in the California budget. We fund various field trips, have purchased computers, desks, tables, maps, library books, software, playground equipment, special education materials and much more. 
CEF has funded many learning programs for the students of the district including a reading comprehension program and supplemental math support program. Numerous educational field trips have also been funded over the years. One is the 6th grade trip to Camp KEEP where students learn about the environment, ecosystems, and the animals and plants that inhabit those ecosystems. During the 7th/8th grade Sacramento/San Francisco trip students visit the capitol while learning about government and visit San Francisco to visit museums such as Alcatraz island, the science museum and others. Other needs of the district are met as they arise. In addition to supporting the district, CEF also awards educational scholarships annually to aid in furthering the education of CUSD Alumni.

The Caliente Educational Foundation puts on two annual fundraising events, Family Fun Day and Caliente L4 Memorial Ranch Rodeo, formerly known as Caliente Team Penning. 
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